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American Football

Texas State Senators Ripped Into A Stammering Baylor Interim President

As Baylor continues to insist that everything is just fine after admitting to making life miserable for women who reported they were raped, while simultaneously claiming it does “not have a lega See →

North Carolina Repeals HB2 To Satisfy NCAA; "Compromise" Still Permits Anti-LGBT Discrimination For

North Carolina state Senate leader Phil Berger says his fellow Republican legislators have struck a deal with governor Roy Cooper to repeal House Bill 2 hours before an NCAA deadline that would have e See →

Triple-Double King Russell Westbrook Crafts His Masterpiece

In case you were skeptical about Russell Westbrook’s MVP bona fides, consider tonight’s one-man destruction of the Orlando Magic.Read more... See →

Bad Hockey Man Gets Jail Time For Drunkenly Breaking Opponent's Face With His Stick

On May 7, 2016, Ryan Cox was playing in a 3-on-3 tournament at the Fort Erie Leisureplex when he skated in on goal and got his face backed in by a two-handed strike from goalie Todd Ball’s stick See →

High School All-American Dishes Out Around-The-World Alley-Oop

Colin Sexton is heading to Alabama next year to play for the Crimson Tide, but not before he lights it up one last time at the high school level. He’s playing in the All-American game tonight, a See →