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Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate review: A great step in the right direction

I have a love-hate relationship with Bluetooth, especially headsets. As a regular gym-goer, I like the convenience that they offer, which by-and-large outpaces wired earbuds. However, mostare not as See →

Matteo Renzi, a reformer ready to seize a second chance

Matteo Renzi, the former Italian premier who regained control of his centre-left ruling party on Sunday, appears ready to live up to his reputation as an ambitious leader trying to revamp Italy's grid See →

Asking your user’s gender, the new skeuomorphism, upside-down UIs and more

What’s hot in UX thisweek:From 5% to 48%: learnings from another industry’s progress in diversity →Few highly skilled industries can say that 48% of their top talent are women, but th See →

Refugees-turned-language teachers learn new life

When Hadi Bakkour fled Syria's civil war, he lost almost everything except one precious gift that gave him new life on the other side of the world: his language. See →

Engagement With Trump Tweets Is Plummeting

Ah, the golden age of Trump’s Twitter account, we were all so much more innocent then. The former pro wrestler would tweet something crazy and we’d all go crazy retweeting it with a commen See →