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Video: First Look at Super Mario Run for Android

Well, the wait is over and Super Mario Run is finally available for Android devices. Will it be as big as Pokémon GO? Unlikely, but it’s Mario, so it’ll definitely hit the charts ve See →

Super Mario Run is finally available on Android, and it's worth buying

The Nintendo game you've all been waiting for is here! Android gamers now have one more title to claim as their own, and one fewer that their iOS counterparts can't lord over them. That's right, Su See →

Super Mario Run Available for Download on Google Play

It’s a day before Super Mario Run is supposed to be available for Android devices, so just in case it’s an error, go grab it now! Play Link Cheers Ryan and Matt! Related StoriesSnake Rewin See →

Get the most from Windows 10 with these time-saving tips and shortcuts

A few time-saving tricks can make a big difference in your productivity. Here are some well-known (and not so well-known) ways to streamline your Windows 10 tasks. See →

Instagram continues to morph itself into more than just another social network

You're already posting pictures to Instagram and using it to exclusively chat with your pals. You'll soon be able to book your next appointment through it, too. Ahh, Instagram. It's become one of t See →