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Relacionan la fiebre en el embarazo con el autismo

Un estudio realizado con niños noruegos, relacionan la fiebre que puede padecer la mujer a lo largo del embarazo, con el desarrollo de autismo en el bebé. See →

¿Pagan mucho las empresas por la energía?

En muchas ocasiones hemos hablado del precio de la electricidad en este blog. Por un lado la mala regulación y, por el otro, la decisión de incluir en la tarifa costes que no son espec&i See →

What do the best entrepreneurs do that really gets your attention as a VC?

See the future, crisply, clearly and directly. And a big one at that. 99% of founders can’t do this. They can’t crisply tell you how they’ll be running a $300m+ARR business in 7&ndas See →

Is it normal to feel like a pest when prospecting for customers for a startup?

Yes. Boy sales is hard. It’s being told No a lot. It’s have literal, or virtual, doors shut on your face. It’s figuring out how not to be a pest — yet still be a pest. It actua See →

Why should a founder avoid convertible notes above 1M?

I think Pawel’s answer eloquently explains all the technical reasons why. Let me simplify further: convertible notes are there to simplify your life — at the expense of some deferred legal See →