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Link About It: Product Placement and Brand Mentions in Top 20 Tracks

A whopping 212 different brands have been mentioned throughout all the songs that reached top 20 status in the last three years, according to Bloomberg pop culture reporter Kim Bhasin and data journal See →

Mild Peppermint Freshness From Zero K Single Cooling Wipes: An easy-to-use way to keep cool on the g

Whether you're trekking the urban or actual jungle cooling soap, we grabbed hold of some Zero K wipes offer a new (and proprietary) way to keep your cool. On spunlace nonwoven fabric pads, a 98% natur See →

Acrylic Earring Holder DIY

Chances are, you probably have all your earrings somewhere in a pile or tangled together in the bottom... See →

¿Pero qué es la fotografía turística?

Los turistas cuando viajamos hacemos fotos. Es uno de los sentidos del viaje. Enseñar las fotografías de nuestras experiencias. Unos hacen más y otros menos. Unos con más See →

Link About It: AuthaGraph World Map Corrects Perceptions

No map is perfect but those behind AuthaGraph have offered an alternative that addresses size perception. By laying the spherical world out on 96 triangles, which are then transferred to a triangular See →