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Google Maps se actualiza con Preguntas y Respuestas

Google Maps ofrecerá a los usuarios un sistema de Preguntas y Respuestas para resolver dudas frecuentes. La noticia Google Maps se actualiza con Preguntas y Respuestas aparece primero en tuexpe See →

Deloitte buys Ikea agency Acne and hires Sandoz to lead creative

Deloitte Digital has bought Stockholm-based Acne Agency, which has worked with brands such as H&M, Spotify and Ikea. See →

HBO attacked by hackers again

HBO's social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter have been hacked in the latest cyber attack on the company. See →

Trump 'fires' business leaders after mass exodus

US president Donald Trump has disbanded two business councils after even more corporate leaders left in a move to distance themselves from his handling of Charlottesville. See →

‘Madden NFL 18’ review

Madden NFL 18 excels on multiple fronts, thanks to its fantastic new story mode, and a dedication to increased realism on the field. The post ‘Madden NFL 18’ review appeared first on Digit See →