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Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Looked Flawless Last Night And It's Honestly Rude

What the hell. Last night, gorgeous humans Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds walked the red carpet at the Time 100 Gala for a very chill and casual date night. Same. Dimitrios See →

Toddler Reaches Deep Inside Pregnant Sheep, Then Leans Back With Tiny Pair Of Hooves In Hands

You’ve got to admire this little girl’s bedside manner. She keeps her composure every step of the way, though there’s just a hint of rose on her cheeks to suggest she’s straini See →

Family Dog Goes Missing, 2 Years Later, Dad Sees Pit Bull On TV In A Shelter

Lady, a pit bull and terrier mix, has been in a shelter for over two years. The 5-year-old mixed breed was eventually transferred to the Humane Society of Utah. On National Puppy Day, Fox 13 ran a new See →