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Fluffy Golden Retriever Takes A Nap, Then Suddenly Looks Like He’s Running A Race While Asleep

Some dogs have the strangest sleeping habits. I know that my dog has a tendency to stretch out vertically, looking just like a human, when he is lounging on our bed. Sometimes, if he’s been play See →

Gorilla Surprises Keeper By Dancing And Playing With The Water In His Swimming Pool

You and your kids aren’t the only ones who love playtime in the swimming pool during the summer. A gorilla named Zola also had a blast splashing around and dancing in his own pool on June 20, 20 See →

Disney Characters Flock Over To Sick Daughter, But Dad Realizes Employee Behind Her Set It Up

Little Eliza had Sanfilippo syndrome, a fatal form of childhood Alzheimer’s. Luckily, the 7-year-old girl and her friend, who shared the same illness, never missed out on a day of fun. When Eliz See →

Golden Retriever Runs In Circles Chasing Drone, Then She Leaps Into The Air To Try And Grab It

Chloe the golden retriever has more than just the usual ball or bone to play with. This cute dog from Wilton, Connecticut loves to chase around her dad’s drone. On November 29, 2016, Chloe&rsquo See →