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Teen Goes To Sing, But Seconds Later, Simon Tells Him To Look At The Seat Next To His Mom

Singer-songwriter Reuben Gray thought his biggest fan, his dad, wasn’t able to make his big audition for “Britain’s Got Talent.” Naturally, Reuben was heartbroken that his hard See →

Mama Rhino Gives Birth, But Little Baby Refuses To Leave Her Side

Every mom can agree, after you’ve given birth, is is virtually impossible to get any time to yourself. If you do get some alone time, it is a mere 60 seconds before your little one realizes that See →

Man Records As Tiny Turtle Shell Pokes Out Of Egg, Then A Baby Finally Hatches

Turtles are some of the many reptiles that lay eggs. Not all reptiles do, but turtles can lay anywhere from 50 to 200 eggs. If you’ve ever seen turtles hatch from their eggs, then you know that See →

Woman Wants To Audition For ‘The Voice,’ So ‘The Makeover Guy’ Gives Her A Spunky New Look

For every big moment in life, a daring new look should go along with it! That was exactly what was going through one woman’s mind when she decided to audition forThe Voicein 2015. Of course, whe See →