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No te puedes perder el eclipse de Sol del próximo 21 de agosto

El próximo lunes 21 de agosto ocurrirá un eclipse total de Sol, cuya zona de totalidad cruzará Estados Unidos de una costa a otra. Posiblemente ya habréis visto numerosas n See →

A New Technique Could Revolutionize Organ Transplants

Researchers have taken a cue from nature to develop a synthetic antifreeze that slows the growth of ice crystals. In addition to applications in a number of other industries, this antifreeze could be See →

Here’s Your Critical Guide to the Hospitable Earth-Like Exoplanets

A critical guide to all the Earth-like exoplanets that may be hospitable to human life. The post Here’s Your Critical Guide to the Hospitable Earth-Like Exoplanets appeared first on Futurism. See →

Investment Bank Report Predicts the Cost of Electric Vehicles Will Match Regular Cars by 2018

A report published in May by investment bank UBS predicts that the cost of electric vehicles will match that of regular combustion-engine cars by 2018. The cost of making EVs could become cheaper too, See →

A Revolutionary Device Heals Body Parts by Injecting DNA

This revolutionary technology is able to heal organs by injecting them with DNA. This process reprograms healthy cells in one part of the body so that they can become a new type of cell in another. Th See →