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The Difference Between Cornrows, Dutch Braids, & More

"Boxer braids." "Bobby-pin headbands." "Inside-out plaits." Those are just a few of the phrases people have used to describe what are really cornrows, Doobie wraps, and Dutch braids. No big deal? Well See →

Stop Calling Your Fat Friend "Cute"

There I was: naked, standing in front of my mirror with my iPhone in hand, desperately trying to find the best angle of my butt. Taking a nude selfie is like a game of whack-a-mole. You may perfectly See →

The Vermont Governor Vetoed A Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Republican Gov. Phil Scott on Wednesday vetoed a bill that would have made Vermont the ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana, but indicated that he was willing to work with the Legislature on See →

Los apasionados besos entre Scott Disick y Bella Thorne en Cannes

Las fotografías que prueban que el empresario podría haber olvidado a Kourtney Kardashian See →