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The Reddit Photoshop Battle of Trump Driving a Truck Went Exactly as You’d Expect

Meme makers added Paul Ryan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vin Diesel and Mad Max to the photo of Trump driving a big rig. See →

Only Date Art Lovers Who Carry Adam and Eve Condoms in Their Wallets

Artists Esther Pi and Timo Waag's 'Eden Condoms' are inspired by 17th century drawings and prints of biblical characters. See →

Oh My God, Has Donald Trump Had a Crush On Hillary Clinton This Entire Time?

A decades-old story from British actress Emma Thompson is the final piece of a strange and twisted puzzle. See →

‘Bokeh’ Review: A Gorgeous, Peaceful Apocalypse

'Bokeh' is fascinating, valid, and off the beaten track. See →

Eva Longoria modifica su look insignia en una versión más relajada

Eva Longoria ha demostrado en varias ocasiones que no hay mejor aliado para lograr un look perfecto que unos pantalones blancos. See →