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WTF is happening at Uber?

For the ride-sharing juggernaut, this is a “What kind of month has it been?” sort of month. The first three months of 2017 have been rough for Uber: Some customers have boycotted it; Alpha See →

2017-03-24 by Eric Johnson

Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and YouTube are bidding to stream the NFL’s Thursday night games

These streams are the highest-profile sports rights currently on the market. The NFL is selling the rights to stream its “Thursday Night Football” games next season, and at least four big See →

2017-03-23 by Kurt Wagner

Eatsa is being sued for not making its automated self-serve kiosks accessible to blind customers

The new restaurant chain makes it possible to order fresh-made food without ever having to interact with a human. Eatsa, a fast-food chain startup known for its nearly human-free, automated self-servi See →

2017-03-23 by April Glaser

Instacart will pay $4.6 million to settle a class action lawsuit with its workers

The startup also has to change how it describes a controversial service fee. The grocery delivery startup Instacart has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit for $4.6 million and to make changes to See →

2017-03-23 by Jason Del Rey

Full transcript: Huffington Post Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen on Recode Media

“One of the great strengths of HuffPost is that it’s still a destination.” This week’s Recode Media with Peter Kafka featured Lydia Polgreen, who broke with journalistic tradi See →

2017-03-23 by Recode Staff