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Asking your user’s gender, the new skeuomorphism, upside-down UIs and more

What’s hot in UX thisweek:From 5% to 48%: learnings from another industry’s progress in diversity →Few highly skilled industries can say that 48% of their top talent are women, but th See →

2017-04-30 by Fabricio Teixeira

The New Skeuomorphism is in Your Voice Assistant

Google Home and AmazonEchoYay, we killed Skeuomorphism!Not too long ago humanity left behind its skeuomorphic interfaces. Skeuomorphism meant using references to real world surface textures on visual See →

2017-04-29 by Bert Brautigam - 1 views

Diversity in design: what can I do as a designer, today?

As we wrap up our journey through Diversity & Design, a few points start to become clear: the actions we can take, today, to influence the direction our industry is headed and to allow for more di See →

2017-04-28 by Fabricio Teixeira

Advice: How to Hold on to New Users

“Across all industries 80% of all app users churn within 90 days.” A Case study for the PumpUpapp.Courtesy of TEDBlogUsers are fickle and impatient. With access to infinite choices, users See →

2017-04-28 by Kim Atkinson

Update Your Sketch Plugins In Seconds

Updating plugins by hand is a real pain. Let’s speed this up and spend more time ondesign.Updating plugins by hand is a real pain. Many of us have a whole bunch installed. Sketch Toolbox solved See →

2017-04-27 by Andree @blended.io