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Mirrored atomicity: designers and developers speaking the same language

How to make ithappenWhat if…If you like it, don’t forget to 👏What motivates me to write is knowing that someone liked what they read. So, give me a clap if you see anything that m See →

2017-08-18 by Vitor Guerra

A Primer to Colors in Digital Design

Source: PixabayAs a beginner in the world of design, I often struggled with picking the right colors to provide visual depth to my artworks. Consequently, my initial works seemed out of balance as the See →

2017-08-17 by Archit Jha

Design Mentorship: From a Mentee’s Perspective

Notes From a YoungDesignerHere is a secret that’s not-so-secret: the design community is incredibly accessible.I tell you this because it took a while to figure this out for myself — See →

2017-08-17 by Chelsea Wells

12 extensions that will make any UX Designer’s life easier

Image by JackMorehIf a person has only 15 minutes to spend on content, around 75% prefer to read a page with good design over reading something without muchpizzazz.Designers seem to intrinsically unde See →

2017-08-17 by KaylaMatthews

Best practices for public speaking in design conferences and events

The unpredictability of public speaking can be nerve-racking at times. Here are a few things you can do to mitigate risks and make sure both you and your audience get the most out of that experience.H See →

2017-08-16 by Fabricio Teixeira - 1 views