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Yes, black people do tip — even when we shouldn’t have to

If you're dining out while black, you can't leave less than 20 percent, no matter how terrible the service is See →

Why I banned “The Handmaid’s Tale” — and why we need it more than ever

I asked those who were quiet why they had obeyed. “A man with a gun told me to do something. So I did it” See →

Trump guarantees protection for those with preexisting medical conditions — but it’s unclear how

President Trump tried Sunday to reassure anxious Republicans that the latest proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act wouldcontinue toprotect those with preexisting medical conditions, alt See →

The Flash Is Engaged — For Real, Not On TV

Grant Gustin, who you may know as The Flash, recently became engaged to his girlfriend, LA Thoma.The 27-year-old CW actor shared the happy news on his Instagram Saturday with a photo of the two of the See →

Donald Trump will be a two-term president — unless the opposition can find a way to change America

Focusing on Trump's lies, or his personal flaws, won't get it done. We must change the American consciousness See →